Private Sessions

Do you NOT have a clue where to start with your photos mess?  Do you wish you had someone who can help you?  Do you have a Photo Project you need help with?  Contact me to schedule a complimentary 1-hour Photo Consultation in-person, on the phone or online and together, we'll create a Plan.

Group Sessions

Do you prefer to get together with 

other photo enthusiasts to make progress on your photo goals?  I offer Monthly Photo Solutions Workshops, Quarterly Digital Events and Save Your Photos Educational Presentations. Contact me and let me 

know know which ones interests you. 

Media Conversion

Do you have outdated media (film reels, video tapes, slides, etc.)?  Imagine how you would feel watching old videos of your childhood or your parents viewing old movies or seeing your own children's videos again?  

Imagine giving this GIFT to 

a loved one?  Contact me.  I can help you. 


Do you have photographs, memorabilia, artwork and/or albums that need to be digitized and protected from a disaster?  

Do you want Memory Insurance?  Need help digitizing a traditional album into a photo book so you can order multiple books for loved ones? Contact me.  I can help you.  


In September 2017, I started offering 

a Free Educational Presentation to teach people how to be proactive and avoid heartbreaking loss of their photos and memories due to a disaster. Would you like me to come speak & share with your family, friends, co-workers, any group? Contact me.