Interested in starting your own Photo Business?

"Do what you love, love what you do!"


YOU can make a difference in people's lives by sharing with family and friends what you have found, use and love for your family memories.  You can save, organize and share your own photos, stories and videos to enjoy now and pass on to future generations while helping others do to the same and earn an income. 


Whether you are local to me in Pasadena, CA or not, I invite you to join my FOREVER DREAM ACHIEVERS Team which is hundreds strong and growing throughout the United States and Canada. Contact me to learn more.  

Make A Difference

Join our FOREVER Family

CEO & Founder of FOREVER, Glen Meakem, 

with Top Leaders in September 2016.  

FOREVER Live Convention

Some of my Dream Achievers Team having fun

 in Nashville, Tennessee, at FOREVER Live Convention 2016. 

FOREVER Incentive Trip

My husband and I had a great time at FOREVER's First 

Founder's Club Incentive Trip, all expenses paid, in Jamaica 2016. 

We enjoyed trips to Bahamas 2017 and Puerto Los Cabos 2018.

Share the Mission

In February 2016 in Salt Lake City, Utah, at RootsTech, 

the largest Family History Event in the world.  I was blessed to volunteer again in 2017 helping people learn about FOREVER.